Wednesday, July 06, 2005

whew, she's not dead after all...

We thought my car was dying. It wouldn't have been a particularly untimely death, after all, she's got 102,000 miles and has survived a serious accident and she's almost 9 years old. The a/c stopped working last fall and parking under the trees in our yard has sullied her complexion. However, she is paid for, and really rather reliable.

On Sunday she started kinda chugging and pulsing on our way to church. Then a scary engine warning light came on. We wondering if it was the transmission or the fuel injector. We wondered if the repairs would cost more than she's worth.

Thankfully, they don't. We just got a call from the mechanic and she just needed a little tune-up.


lydiecita said...

9 years!! wow!!
i'm glad you'll be able to have your cute cavalier for a little longer.

goodness gracious, it's been so long! everything!

i'll try calling again tonight. and i'll have my calendar handy.

lydiecita said...

hey...that's one cool sweater you're knitting. i couldn't find the autumn red color, but i'm sure it will be beautiful. can i pay you to make me one?

the most sewing i've done lately has been my party favor bags. my initial "i'm a bride!" fabric buying rush has equated to me having piles of unused fabric on my shelves.

who knew how busy it is be engaged? j.k. i have a lot more respect for all you planned for your wedding, now that i'm having to think of food, tents, chairs, underwear (oh wait, i'm not really thinking about that yet).

ok. so we were out to dinner late last night. i'm such a loser about calling.

i love you!