Thursday, August 31, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend...

That's a little bit how it feels at our house now. I naively thought with summer reading over and Matt heading back to school things would get easier. But, no. He's already got rehearsals and meetings keeping him out late. I'm already packing my fall schedule with events at the libraries - plus travel! There's places we have to go and people we have to see and only weekends to do it!

The bathroom has not progressed much. We hired a guy to fix the ceiling, so we're onto the tiling process, but I'm starting to have my doubts about our ability to accomplish that as well. We'll see - Matt decided to work on it this weekend, when there's time to think things through and do it right, instead of just doing dibs and dabs in the evenings.

While he's doing that, this weekend I'm going to enjoy a reunion with the girls I lived with my senior year in college. Last weekend, we enjoyed my cousin's wedding in Florida. Next weekend, who knows what crazy scheme we'll be pulling off - maybe a completed bathroom?

I have managed to finish a couple knitting projects that I keep meaning to take pictures of. I'll try to do that soon...

Ultimately, though, we've started to evaluate our schedules and we're seeing more and more that our current situation isn't really working. Driving 40 minutes to and from work isn't so bad, but it eats up a lot of time, especially when Matt has extra after-school obligations. I've started to dread getting in the car at the beginning or end of the day, even though I like my job. We love our church, but we can't be involved in all we want to do because of scheduling.

We're looking for solutions. Please pray for us as we consider our future.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bathroom Update

See? The walls are painted and the blue is pretty. Unfortunately, the ceiling is in very bad shape.

The paint just peeled right off - After we sanded, cleaned and primed. So, we're starting over with that.

The floor no longer is carpeted, which is progress. We've accepted the fact that this is going to be a loooong project.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I was really excited when I asked Matt what he wanted to do this weekend and he said, "Well, I was thinking we could paint the bathroom." I have too many ideas about how to make our house prettier as a result of watching too many home improvement shows on TV. I was rarin' to go! Our bathroom had three strikes against it- ugly wallpaper (see photos below - although you can't really see it that well there), carpet (cheap carpet - in a bathroom. Really!), and popcorn ceiling.

On Friday night, we decided we could do it all in a weekend. All meaning we could remove the wallpaper, remove the popcorn ceiling, and remove the carpet, replacing said crimes against bathroomdom with pretty blue paint, pretty shell white paint, and pretty ceramic tiles. It would go something like this: Saturday morning, go to Home Depot. Get needed painting and tiling supplies. Remove wallpaper, remove popcorn ceiling. Primer all surfaces to be painted. Paint. Sunday after church, remove carpet, install tile. Oh, and replace the light fixture too.

Yeah. That's how naive - and crazy - we were. Problems ensued, popcorn dust everywhere, holes in walls, not enough primer, blah, blah, blah. Here's where we were at Saturday night.

Small progress has been made since then. First, we have a much more accurate time line now. This won't be done for awhile. We also got some detailed tiling instruction at Home Depot. And tonight, the ceiling got painted.

More to come, now that we are done with our delusions of grandeur.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Summer Reading Done!

My life goes back to normal, but I will miss all those kids.

In other news, I slept through my alarm for 25 minutes this morning. Apparently, the white noise from the fan and the air purifier is now drowning out the alarm.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another anniversary

As of August 1st, I've been at my job for one year. Being that this is my first full-time job doing almost exactly what I want, I was pleased to meet that mark. I hope to do bigger and better things next year. (I still have one more week of summer reading programs to go, though.)