Friday, August 28, 2015

Piper is 4!

As per tradition, we bring you: Piper's birthday interview.

Favorite food: Fried Okra

Favorite animal: "Pumas, cheetahs, snow leopards, regular leopards, tigers, lions..."

Favorite book: "I don't want to tell you.  I like all the books I read."

Favorite work at school: Cylinder blocks

Favorite play at home: building with Duplos, playing with pampered palace pets

Favorite TV show: "Dinosaur Train...and Octonauts, Daniel Tiger...and My Little Pony!"  So basically, any show you've watched in the last month.  Got it.  

Oh, this kid.  She's a nut.  She's so giggly and sweet.  And sometimes very stubborn.  She is curious and has a lot of interesting ideas.  I'm so excited to go through this 4th year with her. 4 is a great age, and Piper is going to do it so well.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday, August 02, 2015

what we're loving now {July 2015}

So, I'm still writing this blog after all these years because I like going back and seeing bits of our life I've documented. Here's what we're loving this July:

San Francisco - Matt and I went to SF for 6 days.  We ate a lot of great food, and walked around a lot looking at architecture and the water.

Octonauts - Cadence and Piper are loving watching this Disney Jr. show together on Netflix.

The Annie 2014 film and soundtrack - The girls and I saw this at the free kids film festival our local theater does every summer.  I like the original Annie, but I like this one better - Ms. Hannigan has a change of heart at the end of the movie that I appreciated, and the music is really fun.  C was asking for the soundtrack for her upcoming birthday, but then we discovered it was available on Amazon Prime music.  The girls go around singing "Tomorrow" and "Hard Knock Life" with slightly erroneous lyrics.

uSwim - Cadence has been at the not-gonna-drown swimming level for the past two summers, and we really wanted to solidify her skills this summer.  Unfortunately, the swimming lesson options around here are limited, expensive, and inconvenient.  So, I did some research and found uSwim, free online video lessons from Australia.  Matt and Cadence review the video, print out the lesson checklist and then go practice at the lake.  She has improved by leaps and bounds.

First 5 app - I love my YouVersion Bible app and have used it heavily for the last few years.  However, when I heard about First5, I decided to try it out for my morning scripture.  The app provides a Bible passage and short reading each day, but what I really like is the alarm feature so that my morning alarm is set in this app. When I silence the alarm, it goes directly to the devotional.  I am automatically waking up to scripture, reflection, and prayer instead of noticing the emails that arrived overnight or checking my calendar.

Baked Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos recipe - I've made this twice in the last two weeks.  It's REALLY GOOD.