Saturday, October 31, 2015

What We're Loving Now {October 2015}

*Downtown Greenville.  We got to go for a few hours a couple weeks ago and loved it.  Clean, and pretty, and there was a free trolley.

Cadence on the trolley

Piper on the trolley

At Falls Park - so lovely
*Fixer Upper and Jane the Virgin on Netflix!

*Visits from Aunt Pami and Nana while Matt was SUPER busy with work

*Speaking of Matt, he made a cameo appearance as Doctor Who (Matt Smith) in the school Cirque show this year, and was charming and hilarious

Matt in costume, in profile
"I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool."

Happy Halloween!

This year, Cadence was Felicity, the discontinued American girl doll.  (Basically, a colonial girl).  I made her whole costume, which I came to regret a little bit, because while it turned out great - it took a lot of my precious free time this month.

Piper was a unicorn.  This was a super easy costume.  I made a felt horn and attached it to a headband, then made a mane and tail with ribbon and yarn attached to felt.