Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How we're feeling

So, in just two days our family will be reunited permanently. We will be offically moved to GA, although we'll have to come back to get the furniture that's left and sign the lease paperwork. Because we're leasing our house! A family we knew from church here is excited to lease and then buy it in a few years! Yay! We're not going to go broke paying for an extra house.

Generally, I've been feeling pretty happy about this. Obviously we want to be with Matt. I'm eager to try to build some friendships in our new community and figure out our new routine with me being a stay at home mom. I've been collecting knitting and craft projects I want to work on. Today we dropped by Hobby Lobby and I got some clearance home dec fabric to do pillows for the sofa and maybe the window seat in our new living room. Cadie talks incessantly about her Georgia house, Rainey the cat, and especially Daddy (also the dorm, that's a little strange, I think). Mostly, we feel like this:

Sometimes, though, I think we also feel a little like this: We were playing in our yard here yesterday and I just got so sad...we had so many hopes for our family in this big house, hosting parties for church folks, making the yard look nice with flowers and veggies, opening up our extra rooms for people who didn't have anywhere else to go...

And then, I've been saying goodbye to people at work, which has been worse emotionally than I expected, and I haven't even thought about saying goodbye (well, see ya later) to our sweet friends here - it's just sad.

But exciting. Because what's going to happen in the little farmhouse? Will our family get bigger? And if it does, how in the world will more than 3 people share a little bathroom? Will Cadie take dance lessons, go to Montesorri school, or learn to swim in the lake? What's going to happen in the community of students, friends, families and colleagues from all over the map literally and ideologically - a community where people get in each other's lives, hang out in each other's houses and break bread together daily? I don't know, but I believe it will be good...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Potty Training Update

I can already tell this post is going to be TMI.

We may be talking about potty stuff a little too much in our house these days. The other night before bed, Cadence said this in her prayer: "Thank you God pull ups. Thank you God big girl panties. Thank you God diapers."


In other news, I left Cadie's potty in GA in our rush to leave Sunday morning. This has turned out to be kind of good, because it has forced her to use the big potty, something I've only gotten her to do once or twice before now...

Happy accidents?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cadence's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had a really fun ducky party for Cadie's birthday. It was a little strange celebrating in our almost empty house, but our friends and family were great. I was having so much fun running around during the party that I really didn't get very many good pictures. I'm hoping some of the attendees will send me some good ones! (Hint, hint!)

Cadie's little buddies Cooper and Meredith came, along with their parents. The kids did some ducky art and played in the yard.

We ate ducky sandwiches, which I hope someone else got a picture of, and ducky cake (made by my friend Laurie, and it was great - very cute and also very tasty!).

Our birthday girl is still talking about birthday parties - she threw one for some of her new toys today. And speaking of toys, she made out like a little birthday bandit! The first thing she said this morning when she got up was "I play with my new toys."

This had been kind of a hard week for her; I think she was really missing her daddy, and I was too! So it was really wonderful to see her excited and extra happy.