Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Baby (a week late, as usual)

Cadence really loved watching the snow Friday the 18th. We were home all day so we got to watch it start, and build, and she kept wanting me to take her on the back deck and watch it fall.
We didn't go out to play in it until Saturday and then she was not such a fan. It had kind of crusted over and it was hard for her to walk, but she liked watching the neighbor kids play in it a bit. Plus, how cute is she is her little snowsuit?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cadie's pretend play

Here on the eve of Cadie's 15 month birthday, we've been noticing that she's doing pretend play. A little at least. I took this picture last week of her with a new baby doll her Dassa gave her. Almost right away, Cadie started calling it "baby" and wanted to put her blanket on it. She picks it up and hugs it, and I can see how before we know it, we'll be wanting to get her a doll bed and accessories so she can care for her dollies.

Today she found our little remote control. She was carrying it around when I noticed that she was holding to the side of her face and saying "Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy! Hi, Daddy!" We've already bought her a toy phone for Christmas, so she'll love that.

I am enjoying being home with her during the day. It'll be really great once we settle into a routine - last week was weird working both jobs and this week we've had other things going on some days too. I actually woke up this morning at some point and thought - I have to get up to get Cadie to school! Then I remembered happily that she doesn't go to day care anymore.

Still, I'm really looking forward to Christmas break when I'll have a good chunk of time with no work at all. Yea!