Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hat for matt

A couple Saturdays ago, Matt decided he wanted a hat. He was going to buy one, but I said no way, it'd be more fun if I knit him one. So after lunch, we headed out to a somewhat nearby yarn store, picked up a skein of Cascade 220, and by that night, the hat was done.
It fits me too. I kinda made up the pattern knowing the measurements and shape I was going for.

Yarn: worsted weight wool
Needles: size 6 circular 16 in.

Cast on 80 sts. Join, being careful not to twist the stitches.
Work in K2, p2 rib for 2 inches.
Work in st st (knit every round) until it measures 6 inches from cast-on.
Begin decreases (at some point in the decreases, convert to magic loop method):
Row 1: k14, k2tog to end.
Row 2: k13, k2tog to end.
Row 3: k12, k2tog to end.
Row 4: k11, k2tog to end.
Row 5: k10, k2tog to end.
Row 6: k9, k2tog to end.
Row 7: k8, k2tog to end.
Row 8: k7, k2tog to end.
Row 9: k6, k2tog to end.
Row 10: k5, k2tog to end.
Row 11: k4, k2tog to end.
Row 12: k3, k2tog to end.
Row 13: k2, k2tog to end.
Row 14: k1, k2tog to end.
Row 15: k2tog to end.

Break yarn, leaving about a 7 inch tail. Thread tail on tapestry needle, then sew through loops on needle to close hole. Weave in ends and you're done.

Monday, February 19, 2007

what I'm reading

Yep, I'm reading a cookbook. It has very pretty pictures. And, she seems to like mayonaisse and onions as much as I do.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Guilty as charged

The perp: Rainey
The victim: my green sweater
The method: sneak into the bedroom and chew, chew, chew while the residents are at work
The verdict: guilty of first degree sweaterslaughter
The sentence: the guilty party is prohibited from entering the bedroom, and is ordered to a rehab program to overcome his wool addiction

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Snow Day

Big snow on Thursday. We were too cold to go out and play in it, but it was very pretty.