Monday, September 20, 2010

Potty Training Update

I can already tell this post is going to be TMI.

We may be talking about potty stuff a little too much in our house these days. The other night before bed, Cadence said this in her prayer: "Thank you God pull ups. Thank you God big girl panties. Thank you God diapers."


In other news, I left Cadie's potty in GA in our rush to leave Sunday morning. This has turned out to be kind of good, because it has forced her to use the big potty, something I've only gotten her to do once or twice before now...

Happy accidents?


Anonymous said...

This post made me smile and chuckle. Potty training is such fun. I am glad to hear our little lady prays about everything.

Anonymous said...

How precious! I think things will go very well when you get settled.

Love, Mom