Saturday, December 11, 2004

AT&T Wireless is the dumbest company I have ever dealt with

We have had so many problems with this company I'm not sure I can remember them all, but after our experiences with them today, I feel the need to recount as many of them as I can. These will soon be written in a letter to their customer service department.

  1. We moved to an area where they don't have service, but they wouldn't let us out of our contract unless we pay $300. It's cheaper to pay the bill every month, so we keep the phones.(August)
  2. Then, they merged with Cingular, but we were told we could not transfer to Cingular, even though Cingular does have service here. We were told we would not be able to transfer our service until after our contract ran out in February 2005. (August)
  3. Even though we had stopped using our phone because of the excessive roaming charges, our October bill arrived with charges for CALLS WE NEVER MADE. Seriously, Matt's phone had been sitting untouched on a shelf, yet calls MADE FROM TAMPA, where he had not been in October, were on our bill. (November)
  4. We received a fancy letter and flashy brochure in the mail that proclaimed the wonders of the merger and the fact that we could change over to Cingular service. So, Matt calls to find out how to go about this. We are told his contract expired last week (remember earlier we were told the contract went until February). Funny, but if we had called a week earlier we wouldn't have had to pay for the month of December. (This morning)
  5. Then, a helpful customer service representative named Heather checks with her manager and explains that all we have to do is go to and sign up for service (which includes a free phone), then call back AT&T Wireless, tell them to cancel the second line because we're switching to Cingular and we won't have to pay the cancellation fee. Sounds good, right? We go to, sign up, and then Matt calls back AT&T Wireless (which had the worst voice recognition phone tree ever) and is told everything he was just told by Heather, WHO WAS ANOTHER AT&T WIRELESS REPRESENTIVE, is COMPLETELY WRONG! What the heck!?! Matt spends another half an hour on the phone while they tell us that we still have to keep my service until February and there's no way we can change unless we do it on the phone with them and pay extra money for a phone. The bottom line: we never should have gone to the Cingular website, even though that's what Heather told us to do. ACK! Why can't they give us a straight story? (This afternoon)
  6. I cannot create a log-in on their website because something somewhere in all the information I just typed in doesn't match their records. (15 minutes ago)

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