Wednesday, May 11, 2005

25 years o' Matt

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. Since we both worked today we didn't get lunch or dinner together but I did make him chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and bring him a Moolatte from Dairy Queen. We'll do something fun this weekend.

Matt is a nice guy. He cheers me up when I'm sad and washes the dishes because I hate to. He's a reader, but with different tastes than mine, towards history non-fiction and fantasy. He gets frustrated with the unbridled energy of the sixth-graders he teaches for one class, but he loves his job. He is a good public speaker, he plays the accordian, and he helps out with church music, even though sometimes he doesn't want to. He really loves my family and they all love him. He can often be convinced to watch chick movies with me. He is concerned that the church make a concerted effort to defend the poor and needy. He earns the big bucks (well, not by anyone else's standards but ours - he IS a teacher, after all), and lets me earn the little tiny bucks while wishing for a job that would as least provide me medium sized bucks and some self-respect. Generally, he eats what I put in front of him, except the green beans. NO green beans for this guy, although I do think he ate them for my mom once.

I thank God for Matt today and pray that his 25th year will be a time of blessing and growth.

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lydiecita said...

Does Matt read this? If so, Happy Birthday Matt!

If not, tell him so please...

How are the anniversary plans coming along? Any decisions?