Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I made a pot roast!

I had yesterday off work and decided to be productive around the house. I had stayed up until after 1 am to greet Matt when he arrived home from the airport, but I got up at 7:30 anyway. I cleaned windows and knit a lot and organized the hall closet and made tuna salad and saved $10 with coupons at the grocery store. I also cooked a pot roast that turned out pretty well. Sometimes when I am adventurous with fancy recipes (although I'm not sure that pot roast counts as fancy - it just seemed intimidating) Matt is less than enthusiastic. Nice, but sometimes I think he'd rather be eating spaghetti. Not last night though. He said he would definitely eat it again.

The bad news in all this accomplishment - it's rainy and cold (not a bad thing in itself, just not today), I have a headache, and no one came to my storytime today.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the roast came out nicely. Did you make soup with the leftovers? Hope your other story times have been successful this week. Love, Mom