Saturday, May 27, 2006


We ran off last weekend to Savannah to celebrate our third anniversary. Our celebrations for our first and second anniversaries were quite small. This bothers Matt more than it bothers me, so I let him spoil us this time. (Of course, there was pre-planned saving involved and some monetary gifts from family.)

Savannah is beautiful and historic. And hot. We didn't do any of the trolley or ghost tours, but we walked over the entire historic district, I think. The only disappointment was that First African Baptist Church wasn't open for tours on Saturday.

So here's the pictures.
It's all pretty like this. So many pretty plants and great architecture.

An example of that architecture - The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It's also pretty amazing inside.

The house in the middle is Flannery O'Connor's childhood home. I wrote a paper about some of her short stories in college, so I was somewhat interested in this. We thought it was open to the public, but it's a private residence.

We stayed right on Forsyth Park. This large fountain in the park seemed to be a very popular place for pictures. We saw several wedding parties.

The photo is blurry, but this is us in the courtyard of our inn the night we had our fancy anniversary dinner.

And that's where we stayed. It's the Forsyth Park Inn, and we'd recommend it. (You can also see me standing in front of the palm tree.)

We REALLY liked historic Savannah. So much that we were dreaming about moving into one of the homes in the historic district, even though that is an impossible dream given the prices. Still, a great weekend getaway.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Makes us want to go back even more. Love, Mommers

Jennifer said...

Great pics, Mo and Matt! Congratulations on three years!