Thursday, March 15, 2007

Finished, part 3: Job Search

It's been officially done for a few days now, but I wanted to be pretty certain I had told the news to friends and family who read this (if only occasionally).

Matt has accepted a job. A really good job. A definite step up. It's in North Carolina, not particularly close to where we live now. (Note: I'm never sure how much personal information to reveal on the ol' internet - so, for now, that's all I'll say. Anyone who knows me personally can get the details by emailing me.)

I'm excited. I hate the idea of selling our house and packing our stuff and leaving our relationships here, but I love the opportunities I know this will bring.


Anonymous said...

Hey If you got time give your inlaws the info. Mom mentioned but not a lot. Details please. ^_~


Jack said...

Sounds great. Although I wish someday you would move to, let's say for the sake of the internet, to a state south of Oklahoma and north of Mexico! Seriously, congratulations.