Sunday, July 01, 2007

The lake

We went out on the lake yesterday. We figured we might as well give the old "mean green bean" (that's what we call our extremely rednecky johnboat) one more spin before we move. It was so fun! We put in at a different location that was nicer and less crowded than where we've started in the past.

We took some pictures with Matt's camera phone:
Isn't this lake beautiful? I can see why so many people have summer homes here.
Snapped this pic before we jumped in for some swimming.


Shaun & Anna said...

That looks increadibly peaceful and relaxing!

Anonymous said...

"mean green bean" cute name. Looks like you are having fun in that extremely redneckish little boat.
Mom McGee

Anonymous said...

hey! call me or email me with your number when you get a chance. I want to hear move details. Love, Lydia