Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Name Game #10

Here it is:

ARCLED _ _(_)_ _ _

I'm feeling guilty that all I've been posting here is name game. There's other interesting stuff in my life too - and don't we need some pictures here? That's one of my goals for this Saturday, along with finishing the thank you notes from my shower last Saturday, and vacuuming my car. Okay, maybe my life isn't all that interesting right now...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the shower -- maybe see some pictures.


The Partin Family said...

We're home! I have pictures from the shower. I will burn you a CD but until I will be able to see you, I will download them onto snapfish and share them so you can save them! I will also put them on Facebook! See you soon! I hope Matt's installation went well today!