Saturday, August 16, 2008

I still make things, part 2

Well, the only thing I made in this picture is the pink flannel elephant toy in the glider. And you can't see it very well, but it's cute and soft and I worked hard on it. It's from a pattern in the book Last Minute Quilted and Patchwork Gifts, which I got from the library a while back. You could also say I "made" the decision to buy the glider, and that I "made" Matt put it together. We got it from Wal-mart for a much better price than the gliders at Babies R Us and it is very comfy. I like to go in the room with all of baby girl's things and just sit in it.
Baby Girl's Dresser. Again, I didn't really make this. It was mine when I was a kid. Back then, it was plain wood until I put a Strawberry Shortcake sticker on it. Then, in college, I painted it (badly) with cream and green paint. At our house in GA, it lived in the garage holding old towels and some gardening supplies. So, we cleaned it really well, picked out a nice paint color (it's called Old-Fashioned Pink), and Matt painted it a few weekends ago.
I did "make" the choice of these drawer pulls all by myself. They're plastic, but they look like the old-fashioned glass ones and I thought it added a nice bit of fanciness for baby girl. They're from Target, where I also got a matching wall hook and I think they have matching drapery rods, which we'll get for her new room. I can't buy them yet, because I don't remember how many windows her room has!


Anonymous said...

I love your rocker and glider and you did such a good job on the elephant. Stuffed animals are hard to make!! Her dresser turned out so good, she is going to have a beautiful room when you get it all set up. I can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got the glider and footstool.  Miss M will love her little elephant! The dresser is beautiful, so glad it has been recycled once again.  You "made" a lot of wonderful choices.Love, Mom (Nana)