Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cadence update

Goodness, it's been awile since I've posted! We've been busy with Cadence and I've been back at work for a week and half now. It was very stressful to go back, but I think now we're falling into a routine, and thankfully we like the daycare she goes to 3 days a week. I have a half day today and tomorrow because I worked Saturday and that is helping me feel better.

We've made some breakthroughs with Cadie's sleep. One of my librarian colleagues recommended a book by the "Baby Whisperer." I checked it out last Friday and it has really changed things around here. Cadence is taking great naps now! She's been down for an hour and half right now! We realized we had no plan or knowledge of what to do when she was sleepy or even how to recognize that she was sleepy. Now we know what to look for and to get her in her crib when she starts acting tired. Last night, she slept in her crib all night, and I only got up to nurse her once. (We got up two other times to calm her when she woke herself up crying, but both were brief.) I also think I was overfeeding her. Most often, when she cried we assumed she was hungry, and I can see now that she probably wasn't a lot of the time. She was having gas problems and now that we're not feeding her so much that has eased as well.

So, she's been a much happier baby. Here she is during playtime earlier this afternoon. She seemed a little skeptical about the camera.


The Partin Family said...

Awww! Isn't it so hard to figure things out! I feel bad because I could have told you some of those things if I had known you were having issues! We seriously need to start having playdates with Cooper and Anne Marie as well! I am glad Cadence is sleeping now :D! It just gets more and more fun now that you have rest!

Mama said...

Your daughter is adorable, and it looks like you and Matt are settling into a routine! That's so great....but be aware: kids have a funny way of switching things up:) It's great to "see" ya'll again, I'll be reading your blog regularly! Stop by mine anytime:)

Anonymous said...

So glad she is sleeping better. I LOVE the pictures of her. She is so beautiful!! Can't wait to see her soon.