Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Once again, it's been too long

A week and a half ago I said I wanted to post more pictures and some details of what happened at the beginning of the month, but that's a month ago now! My friend Jen got married and it was really nice and great to see my roomies from senior year and Cadie got to see her Nana and Dadder's house, but it was a long drive with her in the car by myself. That little girl is a trooper.

Also, the little monkey is pulling up. She started crawling just a few weeks ago and then a week ago I put her down on the floor, she braced herself on the pillow next to her and stood up. I thought it was a fluke, but then she did it at school and then a bunch this weekend. She is in almost constant motion, as demonstrated by these pictures.

Matt was saying at dinner tonight that he thinks we need to help her learn to chill out. She'll just crawl, crawl, crawl, play, play, play until she's exhausted. She is a high energy, happy, curious kid, and I think she doesn't really know how to stop. Every diaper change has turned into a wrestling match.

Dassa was here last weekend, which was great. She adores Cadie (obviously), and isn't Cadie so cute in that little outfit with a bow in her hair?

I wish we lived closer to family. I'm so tired so often. I'm always amazed watching Cadie go-go-go, but that's how I'm living now too. I have Friday off work and I'm really looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time and miss you all already. Can't get enough of that sweet baby and can't wait for "Queen Catan" to play Papa.
Hugs to our little busy Princess.