Friday, July 24, 2009

New toy

Cadence got a new toy from her daddy a few weeks ago. She's still working on the walking thing - we've had VBS this week and visits from friends and a brief trip to mountains, so we haven't had a lot of play time lately. She loves this thing, not only when she's pushing it or fiddling with the movable parts on, but also when she sits on it (it turns into a riding toy) and we push her around. She laughs like crazy!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see this in motion (and hear the laughter)! How cute! What a great toy for our go-go girl.

Love, Nana and Dadder

Anonymous said...

What a fun toy from Daddy!! I can't wait to see her playing with it in person and hear that little laugh!! What joy!! Hugs to our pretty little walker.
Papa and Dassa