Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cadie's first haircut was a couple weeks ago

and I'm just now getting the time to post a few pictures. This is old news, people, but it's CUTE news, right?
Can you see how long it was in the back? She was sporting a baby mullet. Not the best look for her.
This was after I tried to cut it myself on Friday night (actually, this was the day she took her first step). Not a good plan. You can see it was not very even. Matt kindly waited for me to come to the opinion we visit a professional before suggesting it himself.

It's pretty cute now. The lady at Great Clips didn't act like cutting a baby's hair was any different than a normal haircut and she didn't just even out the back, she trimmed it up all over. My parents called it a "pixie cut".

Cadie still hasn't taken more than one step without holding on to something. I feel like that first step was kind of a false alarm. She's got plenty of time to start walking though.


Anonymous said...

She sure was cute with that little hair cut last week!! Now her hair is even all over and our pretty little sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Love the old news--because we love to read anything about our little cutie pie! The pictures are so darling!

Love, Mom (Nana)