Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday - just us girls

It was just me and Cadie today and we had a great girls' day. We went to the library and played outside before it started raining. We read books - Cadie apparently likes having 2 going at a time, as demonstrated here. She comes by this honestly. (I talked to my Dado today and he said he had at least 12 books going in his reading nook right now.)

Just a bit later, she was playing with her babies, giving them water, hugging them, etc. Then, for some reason, she got a mop and went to work on the floor, while still carrying her baby. That cracked me up. Multitasking already.


Anonymous said...

The bookworm clean freak! Precious pictures and commentary. Thanks for keeping us updated on life with Cadie.


Anonymous said...

Love our little busy girl! Two books at a time --that is great!
Thanks for the pictures!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl. I sure enjoyed all her cute things she did while there. Glad you had a good day Saturday together.

Anonymous said...

Growing up my dad gave us a "one book at a time" rule. If I remember correctly it was to keep Kim and myself from monopolizing a book the other one wanted. I still seem to follow it even though I don't have to!