Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Watching the tractor and red shoes

We've been busy around here, shopping for gifts, decorating our tree, hosting playgroup yesterday and nursing poor Matt who has the stomach flu (he hasn't thrown up today though, as far as I know).

Wanted to share some pics I took of Cadence today. We ran to the laundry room to get the best view of the tractor that delivers some food item that's not hay to the cows every afternoon. I don't know anything about raising cows - Cadie calls it their snack, which is fair enough.
Anyway, I thought it was cute that she brought her farmer girl to the window, so I took a pic and that turned into a photo shoot showing off her red shoes. I picked up these shoes after last Christmas at Target. They were on ridiculous clearance - I know they were less than $3. The same style is back there this year going for $12 or more, I think.
She really likes these shoes! The last two days I went in her room after nap/quiet time and she had gone into her closet, gotten them out, and put them on her feet. They were on the wrong feet, but still!
Speaking of pictures, I'd really like to send out photo Christmas cards this year, but I'm worried we are too late. We don't have a good Christmas-y picture of the 3 of us. I thought I might just try for one of Cadence, but she does not like to stand still for pictures - getting these was pretty amazing, especially since she's sort of smiling here (and, I think, attempting a Rockette-style kickline move. She confirmed it was like the girls we saw on TV on Thanksgiving. We will need to get her in dance classes.)

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Anonymous said...

Our girl is so amazing, so smart, so beautiful and so creative. I love the dance moves and amazed that she does that on her own!! Adore the red shoes! What a girl.
I just want to give her a BIG hug, will you do it for me?