Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some things I learned on our trip to VA

We returned yesterday from a week and half of wonderful travel, visiting some of my favorite people and places.  We went to northern Virginia, near DC, to celebrate my Aunt Pami's retirement from a long career in the federal government.  Then we went to my grandparent's beach house near Virginia Beach.  I learned some things along the way.

1. There is no good time to an 8 hour drive with a baby, but leaving at 2 in the afternoon may be the worst.  (Oh, and that's an 8 hour drive for normal people.  For us, it was 10).

2. Piper is happiest when someone is holding her.  It doesn't matter who.  She's a social baby.

Aunt Pami



Cousin Caleb


Big Sister

3.  Cadence can identify more dinosaurs than we thought.  At the Natural History museum, she looked at the skeletons and easily told us, "There's a triceratops, and t. rex, and stegosaurus.  Oh, and that's a brachiosaurus.  Where's the pteranodon?"  Thanks, Dinosaur Train.

4.  There is no overstating the cuteness of baby cousins playing together.  When they weren't trying to clobber each other. 

This is James Ian.  He belongs to my cousin Caleb and cousin-in-law Elaine.  Is he not absolutely adorable?

5. My daughter's love of dancing runs deep.  She will shut down the dance floor.  See how she almost has it to herself?  That's because everyone else was going home. She danced with exuberance for quite awhile and entertained many of Aunt Pami's friends and colleagues at the retirement party.

 6. If I needed to cast the role of wise old man in a movie, I should cast my Dado.  I've known for a long time that my Dado is supersmart.  (The man published books on nuclear reactor technology. Complicated stuff.)  But he really looks wise, doesn't he?  I'm so grateful for him, and for my sweet Nana.  I teared up when I saw them holding hands in church.  They're the best.

7.  Cheerwine tastes better at the beach.  Even though I can get it at the grocery store here, it's just not the same. (Also, I knew I liked the Avett Brothers, but now that the Cheerwine website told me they've teamed up for a charity concert, I like them even more.)

8. Piper's hair is getting some serious curl, at least in the beach humidity. 


Anonymous said...

Very special observations! Glad it was a good trip (except for the first leg leaving at 2PM). Love the pictures.
Love to you all, Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time. Sweet pictures.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

just NOW catching up....seeing the SWEET pics and reading the nice words from you about the family, my retirement party and the beach....the pic of the 4 of you on the beach is to frame for sure!!!!! thanks for the sweet pics of different ones of us holding your precious Piper Lee along with "my heart" on the dance floor!!!
love u all, aunt pami