Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mama & Me Decorating: Tissue Paper Decoupaged Stool

We have this little white stool that has seen better days.  When Cadence was around 16 months maybe she started flipping it over and scooting it along our tile floors, so the top was pretty roughed up.  Since then, I wanted to decoupage it and when we started our sun themed activities last week, it was the perfect opportunity to snazz it up.

This was a zero cost decorating project too!  Our only supplies were tissue paper out of our gift wrapping supplies and some decoupage medium we had (you can make your own decoupage stuff with white glue and a little water too).  We decided to decorate the stool with a sky background, and clouds, and of course, the sun. We got started by tearing up the tissue paper. 

Cadence brushed on the decoupage medium and stuck on the tissue paper. 

I would say that this was a much more mama-directed art activity than we usually do, even though Cadence still did most of it.  I especially encouraged her not to make the clouds too big and I tore most of the pieces for the sun, then let her decide where to put them.

Once we finished, you can still see some of the stool, particularly the rough edges, through the paper, but I'm okay with that.  I coated it with polyurethane, which we had on hand.

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Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! And what fun you two had doing it together. She told me all about it and I loved hearing from her own little voice how she put it together. Fun project with wonderful results.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful! You all did a great job.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Love it!