Monday, April 22, 2013

Project Simplify, Week 2

I'm working on decluttering and cleaning out our house this month with Simple Mom's Project Simplify.  You can read about Week 1 here.  Week 2's task was "that pesky closet."  Well, ALL the closets in my house are pesky (ahem), but I had to choose mine.  Well, technically, mine and Matt's but his side didn't need any work.  Mine was a mess.

See?  What in the world?

Our closet was added during the renovation before we moved into this house.  There were no closets upstairs before, and ours fits into an alcove under the roof slope.  So it's a walk-in - no, maybe we could call it a step-in.  Because if you stepped further you'd hit the ceiling.  Anyway, I couldn't walk in at all because of all this stuff on the floor!

After!  I got rid of 6 purses/totes, still leaving me with 10, which is probably too many still.  At least now they all sit or lay nicely.  I had the brilliant idea to put my little clutch size ones in that magazine holder (emptied during last week's desk cleaning) in the middle.  I moved jackets and sweaters from the other wall shelf to this side so I could put my plastic shelf drawer thing-y where I could access it straight on when I opened the closet door.

I got rid of a decent amount of clothing and took the opportunity to switch out seasonal stuff.  The heavy sweaters and boots went into a rubbermaid tub for their summer hiatus.  And I got out the sandals and shorts.  Not that I've needed them this week.

If you look closely you'll see evidence of my 3/4 sleeve cardigan addiction.  And 4 pairs of colored ballet flats up on the shelf - the brown, black, and grey ones are on the rack on the floor - totaling 7! So clearly I have a problem there too.  


Dassa said...

looks nice. I am going to clean out my closet soon and go through my clothes. While shopping for a new pair of capri's I thought I should check my closet first and today I found a pair I completely forgot I have. So goes to show I need to do this too.

Joyce said...

You are brilliant, dear daughter! Your closet looks great.
Love, Mom