Sunday, August 18, 2013

A night alone

I am an introvert with social anxiety.  Particularly around people I don't know.  I blame 8th grade.  Anyway, no matter how cool the new people are, it's just EXHAUSTING for me. 
So let me tell you about my week and all the events that were full of people, many of them new (or new-ish). 
Tuesday evening - dinner with new faculty. 
Wednesday morning - meeting with new faculty. 
Wednesday evening - meeting with board of animal shelter. 
Thursday morning - meeting with new faculty. 
Thursday evening - parent orientation at Cadence's school. 
Friday - all day faculty/staff meetings at school.
Friday night - faculty/staff party.
Saturday morning - football scrimmage.
Saturday afternoon - help a former student/friend move into his college dorm.
I'm tired.
Let me share my relief that I had a night alone last night.  Piper went to bed and Matt and Cadence went to see a local production of Annie.  I made hot chocolate (also, it's cold here? random for August) and lit a candle and sat on the couch with the laptop and Amazon Instant Video. 
By myself.  Ahhhh.



Dassa said...

"Ahhhh" was glad to read you got that time. The candle and hot chocolate looked so relaxing! You are doing great.
Much love and prayers,

Joyce said...

You are definitely our daughter--you inherited some of the social anxiety tendencies! (Though a new school for eighth grade probably didn't help!) So glad you had a quiet time for yourself!
Love, Mom