Thursday, September 05, 2013

Piper is 2 now

Can you tell by looking at her?
I love Piper being two.  She's so fun.   She talks in these great toddler sentences, like "Mama, wait me. Hold hand." Or, "Where sister?" all high-pitched and excited, then "At school" with an air of disappointment.  "I do it" is definitely a big phrase for her right now.  When she gets tired of riding in the car she says, "I ready get out now."  Ooh, here's one she just said, "Hurt my belly. On box over there."  She also wants to do what Cadence does.  When we took Cadence to dance class this week, Piper was all "I go dance class too!"  Maybe this will translate into potty training progress. 
Without further ado, Piper's favorites, at 2.
Favorite color: orange (Actually, she says everything is orange.  I'm starting to think she's colorblind.)
Favorite foods: banana, watermelon, and cookies (When I tried asking her what she wanted for dinner on her birthday, all she'd say was "tookies")
Favorite song: "Twinkle Star"
Favorite toys: princess bunny, cell phones, jewelry.  But the one thing she wanted for her birthday was a train track.
Favorite activities: swinging in the yard, carrying around small bags, eating ("SOOO hungry, Mama.  So hungry.")
Favorite show: on the occasion she gets to watch a TV show, she asks for Super Why and "Pablo" - meaning Backyardigans.
Favorite book: I don't think we could pick a favorite book because we read so many these days of all different varieties.  The last couple days she's been choosing a Winnie the Pooh alphabet book and In the Woods by Elizabeth Spurr, in which a boy goes fishing and camping with his dad.  She loves the line, "Boy baits. Boy waits."  Maybe she'll be more suited for fishing than I am.


Joyce said...

What a sweet delightful description of our 2 year old sweetie pie! Love that dear smile! Do need to say that if she says to me "I go too" again we will have to pack her up and let her come with me :)!
Enjoy this precious stage with our smart, wonderful Miss P!
Love to you all, Mom

Dassa said...

I agree, such a sweet age she is going through. Love the way she says things. She is so sweet, so impressed with her saying "Thank you" and "please" at this age. Must say her calling my name as I went out the door, broke my heart and filled it with joy at the same time that she wanted us to stay or take her with us!!
Love, Papa and Dassa