Monday, October 14, 2013

Cadence is 5 now

 Last month, Cadence turned 5.  It's so hard to believe.  She's so big.  And so interesting and fun.  Her whole life, she's asked really great questions, and that's only gotten better as she's gotten older.  Today's question: how do you make cottage cheese?
The last few months have brought a big change for her - she's going to school everyday, from 8:30 to 3:00.  Which has been an adjustment.  She says she loves school, but it has sometimes been hard for her to dive in and do the work that is challenging.  Like her mother, Cadence tends to avoid anything that could possibly result in less than perfection, let alone failure.  That said, Matt and I have noticed a significant increase in her desire to learn and try new things and to be independent.  And she comes home singing cool songs (although she includes "Australasia" instead of "Australia" in the one about the continents).

And of course, she's got an imagination that won't quit.  See?  Some kind of princess pirate thing was going on here.  We're really into art projects around here lately.  Just yesterday we made playdough monsters and beaded jewelry.  I love that she's old enough for me to give her supplies and see what she comes up with.

Without further ado, her answers to the usual questions:

Favorite color: pink
Favorite foods: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Favorite song: "Danasay"  I am totally unsure of the spelling of that one. It's a song from Ghana that she learned at school.  She sings it all. the. time.
Favorite toys: princess dolls
Favorite activities: art projects, dance parties in the living room, and coming up with elaborate schemes for parties, costumes, or games
Favorite show: Backyardigans
Favorite movie: Jungle Book
Favorite book: She couldn't give me an answer for this one.  It's so hard to choose favorite books.  We do love the Jesus Storybook Bible read it all the time, so we can go with that.


Dassa said...

Oh! My sweet First girl ever!! What a joy she is! It is hard to believe she is already 5 years old. The things you wrote about her are so dear, so her, so special. LOL on the pirate/princess thing. Her Dassa and Papa are so proud of her and so thankful to be her Grandparents.
Much love,
Papa and Dassa

Joyce said...

Our precious sweet 5 year old! I would add that Miss C is really becoming a wonderful helper. She is trying to be a good big sister and cares about how she can assist those she loves. What a special young lady!