Saturday, November 16, 2013

Very belated Halloween costume pictures

So it's weeks later, but the girls were really cute in their costumes. There was some confusion, but Cadence is a flower.  I sewed some leaves that we put on her legging stems.  Piper even kept asking to wear her costume for days after, and I had to explain that you can't just dress as a pumpkin to say, go to church.  


Dassa said...

Love these pictures! They are having so much fun!! You did a great job on the leaves/stems! She looks like a flower to me!! and that little face in the pumpkin suit, she is the cutest thing!!
Papa and Dassa

Joyce said...

Wonderful! Your girls do like to dress up! I got a good chuckle at the pumpkin for church statement. Can't wait to see them again,
Love, Mom