Monday, December 22, 2014

some time to breathe...

Oh my goodness, was this month more than I expected!  So many parties and events, even though I tried to downsize.  We are in a good place now, though.  Work is done for me until Jan. 5, so is school for Cadence.  Matt finished his master's program.  The last party was attended on Saturday night.  

It feels really good.  We are staying home this year during the whole break, mainly because Matt has to work for some of it.  We are hosting guests, but it's really good for us this year to not be rushing to pack and drive.  Especially because Piper has a UTI (that involved visiting the Urgent Care at Wal-mart yesterday afternoon) and Cadence has a runny nose.

In the middle of all our events last week, we found some time to play in the yard Friday afternoon.  Cadence and Piper built a birdhouse.

Clearly, we dressed ourselves for this occasion. That's a pink polka dot and brown jacket, a black headband, a red and green cherry dress, green pants, and pink plaid shoes.  I feel like Piper is going to be a fashion risk-taker.  

No word yet on whether the birds have moved in.


Joyce said...

Breathe! Rest! Get better! Enjoy! And watch for a little bird family! Love to all!

Dassa said...

Glad you have some time off. Praying little one gets better real soon, that can be so painful, and C's nose stops running. Little fashion model is adorable! Love these pics, as usual.
Much love,
Papa and Dassa