Wednesday, February 01, 2017

what we're loving now {january 2017}

Here's what we've been loving in January:

Go Noodle - I'm not totally sure how to even describe these videos.  Many are intended for indoor recess, so we have fun with those when we've needed to get some energy out and it's too cold or rainy for outside play. Others are educational, like my favorite: Don't Read Like A Robot. Other favorites: The Llama Song and Peanut Butter in a Cup.

The Kingdom of Wrenly books - Cadence just started these but the pace at which she is reading could accurately be described as devouring them.  An 8 year old prince and his friend Clara have adventures and solve mysteries.  There's dragons and fairies, so it's exactly in C's wheelhouse.

Moana Soundtrack - We saw Moana during Christmas break and really enjoyed it.  Sooo nice to have a female protaganist who is not in any way involved in a romance.  Anyway, the songs are fun and catchy and we've been listening to the soundtrack on YouTube while we color or clean.


Dassa said...

Fun times! Miss you all.

Joyce said...

Just saw your post--in the midst of caring care of Dado I have not been on line very much. Sounds like you all have some great and educational fun! Enjoy those sweet girls! Will be in touch. Love, Mom