Sunday, October 30, 2005

Promised Pictures, Part 1

As mentioned previously, I had a great reunion with the Olive Tree Circle college roomies last weekend. We're all so grown up now - two babies were in tow, but none of the husbands, and we talked about things like cleaning, cooking, jobs, and owning homes. Here's the entire group:

And, we decided to do something Halloween-y on Thursday, so we carved little pumpkins.

Matt's mom gave us a book of pumpkin carving patterns a few years ago and we finally put them to use. They came out great! I made a "fraidy cat" and Matt carved the bat trio.

Today we finally painted the wall in the dining area that used to have the hideous wallpaper. That will be featured in "Promised Pictures, Part 2." Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

What great and fun pictures!! Everyone looks so happy from your reunion pic. And your pumpkins are amazing! Can't wait to see the house pictures in part 2.

Love, Mom