Friday, February 24, 2006


I'm in a bad mood.

"Blended Vegetable Medley" Campbell's Soup at hand is gross. It has the texture of vomit. So I'm throwing it out, which means only leftover cheese and crackers for lunch.

We got an overdraft fee at the bank, which makes me mad because it's my fault for not keeping up with the checking account balance, even though I did the math the other night (I don't remember when, but I'm sure it was this week), apparently I'm going to have to start entering all the receipts every single day instead of just once or twice a week.

Matt has to stay at school until late tonight for some dumb required Shakespeare play, which makes me wonder why no one there has noticed they are sucking our free time away with extra meetings and rehearsals and events. He works like a 50 hour week usually just with the regular job stuff, let alone all this mess.

My insurance didn't cover a bunch of my surgery costs so I have to mess with our savings, which is okay, I guess, because we have plenty there, but I'm trying to save for the future, for when Matt has tuition to pay for a doctoral degree or when we have kids and only one income because I'm scared of putting my kids in daycare.

And, I've been waiting for days for info I need for some projects to come in from one of the branch libraries, but they are apparently busy going out to eat all the time and can't get it together so I can do my work!


p.s. I know this post is completely self-indulgent and trivial. At least I don't live in Iraq. or the Phillipines. And there's good news. Little Connor is here and doing just fine!

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