Friday, April 07, 2006

A lousy excuse for a stereotypical librarian...

That's me.

There are some very obvious ways I am unlike the stereotypical librarian. First, my hair is too short to put in a bun. Second, I only say "shh!" during storytime and I'm trying to settle the little guys are the completely awesome carefully chosen book I'm reading. Third, I don't just read and shelve books all day. In fact, I don't know any librarians who just read and shelve books all day. There's too much to do to have any time to read (except for books I'm previewing to use in storytimre or a program/presentation - and those are usually picture books) and I only shelve books that I have taken off the shelves (we have library assistants who shelve regularly).

But you'd think I'd be able to make more time to read outside of work. I haven't been very good at it this year. This is something I'm trying to change. In about two hours yesterday, I finished An Order of Amelie, Hold the Fries by Nina Schindler. It's was a very light read about a 17 year old guy who strikes up a correspondence with a girl he's never met, a girl who is two years older, busy with a burgeoning career, and almost engaged to a long-time boyfriend. Will their love be strong enough to overcome their differences? In the end, the readers have to decide for themselves. But this is clever, told exclusively in e-mails, notes, text messages, etc. with great graphics.

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Jack said...

Well good - I am glad you are not stereotypical - but I wouldn't expect you to be either. Anyway, love reading your blog - we miss you guys. Hey - and I've begun my own blog as well - but it deals more with issues than with my life.