Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yes, Officer, I AM breaking into my own house...

The weather has been beautiful lately. We've been doing a lot of yardwork, even though our neighbors probably can't tell yet. We just planted several new plants and we're trying to plan out the beds that still need attention (which is, well, all of them), but new plants keep popping up. Who knew we had so much pretty phlox? Or tulips? Or those wacky purple flowers that are blooming by the a/c unit?

So I went outside this afternoon to take some pictures of the plant beds so we would know where everything is next time we want to plant something. On my way out the front door, I noticed (to my dismay) that it was unlocked and apparently had been since yesterday evening when Matt and I went outside. So I locked it.

That's right. I locked it.

Was I carrying my keys? No.

Was the garage door open? NO.

Was the back door unlocked? NO!


You'd be proud because I stayed calm. I could go ask my neighbors to use their phone, after explaining, that yes, I am pretty dumb. Matt's in Philadelphia for a conference so he really couldn't help me. My parents have an extra key, but they live three hours away. And we do have a hidden key, but it's hidden so well, I couldn't get to it. (We'll change it's location now - trust me!)

Then I noticed that the living room window was open - my saving grace! Thankfully I had opened it for Rainey when I got home because the weather was so nice. All I had to do was pop up the triangular pieces of metal that hold the screen in the window frame. So I wiggled and I jiggled and I scavenged for tools:

That's my headband, a big stick, and a little stick. In the end, my finger did the trick and I just had to climb in, and then replace the screen.

And yes, I actually did get the pictures of the yard.

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