Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm sick again

It was only two weeks ago I had a little cold, now I think I have the flu? Bleh. I would appreciate any prayers for my well-being. We're supposed to go to Florida tonight, but I don't know if Matt wants to take a sick girl on a car ride.

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Cavy said...

Hey Mo,

Hope that you will feel better. Florida weather has started to "turn" too. The river was great. We have done all we can to our bathroom now and we plan to put a vanity in this week. That will mean our bathroom is complete finally!!!! Hope yours will be soon too. We had the professionals come and tile the shower but the rest we have done. Believe me when I say we feel like we could hire ourselves out to do "handy man" work. Can't wait to see you at Christmas I guess. You can come see our place first hand. Take it easy and we will be praying for you. ^_~. KLMc