Monday, November 27, 2006

A beautiful day for a birthday

It's my birthday. I feel like I've been celebrating for days already-I've already received and opened presents from my wonderful family in Virginia while we were there for Thanksgiving. And I was treated to a wonderful Mediterranean meal by my parents.

I'm at work after being out all last week. I'm really enjoying working today. My co-workers are all out of the office, so I'm playing good music and enjoying the sun coming in my office windows while I plan upcoming events and read my e-mail.

So let's say hurray! for low-key birthdays.


lydiecita said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I've been thinking of you...
I live at a zooo..ooooohh,
or I'd come visit you....
With much love on your birthday,
your monkey

(I thought of you all day. I hope your birthday keeps getting better and better.)

William said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Being 27 is quite fun so far, don't you agree? I'm glad your day was beautiful and happy. If you and Matt moved to Florida, you would have a beautiful day here, too. your friend, will