Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not a people person...

I've been thinking this week about my interactions with others. And I've come to an important conclusion that many who know me have probably already come to. I'm not a people person - or, to be more specific, because I do like people, even some pretty strange ones - I'm not an extrovert. At all. Too much time with others, though I love them, drains me.

On Friday, I spent almost the entire day in working with others. I like working with others, but in small doses, you know? One of my libraries has been renovated and to put it all back together, we have to work as a team. A good portion of my work Friday was instructing the prison work crew in the Dewey Decimal system (and hearing about their, ahem, personal lives - they turned out to be mostly nice guys and pretty good shelvers). And people think working in a library is boring!

So, after the prisoners, I was pretty tired. Then, it was home to change, and head to the sunday school Christmas party. Lots of fun, but also lots of people.

You can imagine how relieved I was to get to spend most of Saturday by myself. I only had to talk to Matt, the bank teller, and the clerk at the $2 store. Nice - I got all recharged for the week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

So like your mother! I can relate!
Love, Mom