Thursday, December 14, 2006

Trees on Sky

I love all four seasons. I am fascinated with each of them, probably because of all that time spent in Florida, the land of one season - hot. I have favorite things in the landscape of each season. In spring, I love the blooming of one flower after another. In summer, I love how dusk seems to last forever, and how the fireflies glow against the masses of green things. In fall, I'm obviously fascinated by the leaves. And in winter, it's the bare trees against the sky.
There's something about the constancy and structure of tree branches that contrasts with the ever changing colors and textures of the sky. They show each other off beautifully, don't you think? I'm blessed to drive up and down, there and back in these foresty mountains that offer different sky scenes every day and my trees - stark and showy.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful!--Your words and the pics. We are blessed--aren't we?

Love, Mom