Friday, January 12, 2007

Our new bathroom, a month and a half late

Way back before Thanksgiving, we finally finished up our improvements to the master bathroom. (Well, there are still shelves and a decorative mirror to be purchased - but let's say we're done.)

This is what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house. I could only take that wallpaper for so long. And the floor was carpet! Carpet! In a humid house in the land of red clay!

So here it is now -
We went with chocolate brown and sky blue for our main colors.
The tile is brown and sandy, and the trim is cream. (The cat is grey and very curious.)
And we put in a couple new light fixtures. Here, you can also see the new ceiling texture - namely, that it is no longer popcorn.
The light over the mirror was the best deal. One of the resorts here was redecorating and had a big tent sale selling everything. We got this for $5. It was brass, and I spray-painted it chrome.


K McGee said...

Good job. We also finished the second bathroom. We just have the minor things to do like a towel rod and some finishing touches on the wall. All in all we can say we know how to fix bathrooms. ^_^


amandajean said...

what a nice job! it looks great.