Monday, April 30, 2007

Tuesday in London

This is shameful. I haven't posted since last Tuesday?! I guess it goes without saying that I (and Matt too) have had a very busy weekend and week before that.

Anyway, Tuesday in London was cool. We started the day with a quest for cheap theater tickets. The hitch is cheap tickets to a show you actually want to see. We really wanted to see Wicked and we did manage to find discounted tickets. Then we went to the British Museum, where we saw the Rosetta Stone and a bunch of other neat old stuff that is, well, not British, making the name of the place kind of illogical. You couldn't call it the "Stuff we took from other countries when we were occupying them" Museum. If I remember correctly, there's some debate about giving certain items in the British Museum back to the countries of origin, which I'm not sure about, because the British Museum obviously is taking really good care of everything and letting people in for free to enjoy history.

That said, here's some ancient Greek sculpture:
And a horse sculpture that was shockingly realistic (the horse is on the left, that's Matt on the right):
And a room that used to be a library:

I have to admit that I'm a little fuzzy on what we did for the rest of the afternoon after leaving the library. We tried to go to a lunchtime concert at St. Martins-in-the-fields (which is so not in the fields), but they're undergoing construction and not hosting concerts. Then we got rained on. Then we ate lunch at this diner in what appeared to be the business district - it was really cute in a dive-y kind of way, and we had a very flustered and sweet older waitress. Then I don't know what we did, maybe napped? We ate thai food for dinner, I remember. They put potatoes in my curry.

Wicked was great. I would recommend it. A fun and powerful show about standing up for what's right, the dangers of mob mentality, and true friendship. It was also fun to ride the bus back to our hotel after the show and see the city at night.

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