Wednesday, June 13, 2007

missing in action

I feel like the days are just blowing by right now. I'm jumping from project to program to meeting at work trying to finish up planning for my summer reading program, which kicks off next week.

Matt's done with school, and I've been grateful to have a househusband to put dinner on the table and do the household cleaning. He's going to New Orleans with the church youth group next week to do either construction or VBS. I plan on getting out of town this weekend to do some shopping and Father's Day celebrating.

No one has looked at our house in several weeks. This makes me slightly nervous, but then hopeful that the timing will be just riiiight for us to close on this house and then a new house, without me having to throw myself on the kindness of co-workers or church members so I can sleep and shower while I finish the summer reading program.

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Anonymous said...

God's timing is always perfect, sweetheart and we are all praying.
Love, Mom McGee