Friday, November 16, 2007

Thankful #2

I'm thankful for the blessing of meaningful work. I became a librarian because I wanted to help people and, because of my delicate constitution, it had to involved a minimum of bodily fluids and mental illness. I know that everyday at work I get to help children and their families learn (how to use powerpoint, a better way to search google, where to find biographies or books for a 5th grade boy who likes myseries), embrace reading, and access important information, even if it is in between asking little ones to stop running or saying "Let's not throw that, please." I'm so pleased these days when a child asks for a beloved story that speaks truth and is funny and surprising and real, like The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 or Frog and Toad Are Friends.

Matt's ideas about meaningful work have been more nebulous (I looked it up to verify I was using it correctly (a byproduct of gaining most of my vocabulary from books), maybe you will too) during our marriage. It's important to him to do important work, to make a difference somehow. Until recently, he's felt that teaching music is that for him. When we lived in Georgia, I know I saw the results of his faithful encouragement and efforts to get his students to achieve more than they thought they could.

But I did just say "until recently." Lately, his belief that what he was doing was making a difference has gone from fiery to flickering. And so, quite suddenly, he's learned his priorities have changed and grown and he was ready to consider an unlikely and providential offer to teach in a different way - becoming the full-time music minister at the church where he has been working part-time for a couple months. We've marveled over how we've ended up here - that he would teach at a school here for just one year, but that's what's happening. He'll finish the school year, working as hard as he can because that's what he does - it's exciting and scary and hard and a leap of faith.

God amazes me with how He works things together for good - just like He promised. He has quite an imagination, quite a plan. And I'm thankful.

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