Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Name Game #1

Well, as expected, one of the first questions people are asking us these days is if we have a name picked out for our little girl. We do, but we are keeping it a secret for now - we want there to be a little bit of surprise when she gets here.

However, we thought it would be fun to develop a little game that would give interested family and friends the chance to guess what the name might be. So, periodically, we're giving clues that reveal one letter at a time, until August. The clues are in the form of scrambled words, that, once unscrambled, reveal a letter. Want to play? Here's the first clue:

LIPSATHO _ _ _ _ _(_)_ _

Unscramble that word and the sixth letter will be a part of the name.

Even if nobody guesses, Matt and I had a great time coming up with this. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Nana and I unsrambled the first clue. How often will you be posting clues?


The Partin Family said...

Ok, so just so you can envision John and I doing this, let me paint a picture. We figured out the first word and he is nice and calm as well as enjoying this game. Me? I am completely impatient and hoping August comes quickly for my curiosity's sake and so Meredith can meet her new best friend! Can't wait for next weekend!

Erin said...

So, I discovered that I stink at this game.

Nevertheless, I'm oh-so-happy for you (and, of course, impressed by your ingenuity!). I hope everything continues to go well!

Erin T.

Jennifer said...

Ahhhrgh! Can you "hear" that word?

I can make all kinds of words with this first clue, but nothing jumps out at me as THE word. I've resorted to making cards with each letter and moving the cards around on my desk.

I like this game! Thanks.