Thursday, May 01, 2008

Baby Name Game #2

Okay, time for the next letter - here's the clue:

DRULEIPA (_)_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Unscramble the word and the first letter is the next to add to your list. Congrats to all who figured out last week's word.

Also, we should clarify the clues are going to be for our girl's first and middle names. We thought we'd do the last name too, but that's hopefully obvious to those who know us, and not something I like to put up on the internet for all to see.


Anonymous said...

Another stumper, but Nana and I got it figured out at supper tonight. Clever children!


Shaun & Anna said...

For the record...the letters that we get from the clues are also scrambled, correct? :) Very cute idea! Who came up with it?

Mo said...

Yes, the letters are scrambled, so just keep collecting them until you get enough to unscramble those and try to guess the name!

Anonymous said...

We're enjoying this!

John & Karen