Monday, October 06, 2008

Some firsts

Last Thursday, Cadie had a bottle for the first time. It went very well.

Last Friday, she got a pacifier. Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn't.

Yesterday, we went to church. We just went to the early service and sat in the back. She got fussy during the sermon and I had to take her out, but we did get to sing and participate in the Lord's Supper (well, I did, at least).

Then, this morning, her umbilical cord stump came off! We were worried about it last week and when I pulled up her gown to change her diaper this morning, it just popped off. Soon she can have a real bath.

Unfortunately, she did not nap today, after having a couple really good days of naps. She cried almost every time I put her down, so I'm very tired now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Anonymous said...

So many wonderful firsts! We love the pictures. We'll pray that today is a napping day, plus hopefully everyone slept well last night.

Love, Mom (Nana)

Anonymous said...

I know you were glad her stump fell off, now that is over with.
She looks so sweet and content sleeping with her pacifier. I will pray that she will start regular naps during the day. She is so precious and I miss her very much.