Wednesday, October 14, 2009

These are mainly for Dassa

Matt's mom gave Cadie this dress for her birthday and she wore it on Sunday. I feel like I should post more stuff here, and I'm home today because Cadie is kinda sick. Low fever, coughing some, so we kept her home. Anyway, being home I have time to post pictures during her nap. So here they are. The dress looks wet on the shoulder because she got yogurt on it during breakfast. (Next, I'm mending a hole in a sweater that's been needing to be fixed for about 9 months!)


Anonymous said...

What a cute outfit!


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute and like such a big girl!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! My goodness!! I didn't check your blog until today. I love these pictures. That color looks so good on her. My little princess!! Glad you had a day at home, sorry it was because she had a cold. Thank you for these!! You know where they are going so I can look at them each day.