Sunday, April 11, 2010

Her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades

She's a cutie, our girl. And we certainly believe her future will be bright. We just have no idea where that future is going to play out. It's looking unlikely that Matt will find a full-time job in the area we live now. At least not anything anytime soon. Understandably, he's hesitant to take a church position that doesn't feel totally right, so he's already turned down one full-time position that we really felt he was not the guy for.

Maybe he can string together enough part-time stuff for us to get by and not have to move - that would be fine. He's got a job parking cars at the Furniture Market next week. And Matt's really enjoying helping out with the music ministry at the church we've been attending. The pastor would love to have him on staff, but they have very little money to pay.

Matt does however, have some prospects outside the area. He's interviewing this week in Chapel Hill and a church in Washington state would like to fly him out for in-person interviews. (I am not in favor of that. It's very far away.)

I know people are faithfully praying for us. Please continue. We want to make the right decisions.


Anonymous said...

Love the shades! Praying for you and Matt!


Anonymous said...

Our pretty little star!!
Our prayers are ever with you especially now. Something will come about soon.
Love you 3 very much!!
Papa and Dassa