Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cadence mows the lawn...

Cadence and I are in GA at my parents' (Nana and Dadder's) house while Matt is in FL starting his doctoral program at the Institute of Worship Studies. One of the great and sometimes not-so-great things about Cadie's Nana is that she saves a lot of stuff. Especially stuff from me and my brother's childhood, since she was a preschool teacher professionally and is still voluntarily.

Anyway, so Mom found my brother's (Uncle Mattie's) old bubble lawn mower in the garage for Cadence to play with, since Cadence in recent months has gone from being very scared of lawnmowers to very interested in them. A week or two ago she had a fit in Home Depot because she wanted to go look at the lawnmowers and Mama and Daddy were taking too long looking at light fixtures.

In addition to mowing the lawn, Cadence is enjoying playing inside (it's hot here!) with Nana and some new old toys.

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Anonymous said...

Cute -- Glad I didn't buy her a bubble lawn mower -- had actually looked at one.