Friday, November 19, 2010

Deals of the Week

I got some good deals at the grocery store this week because of the Thanksgiving sales (cheap stuffing and Campbell's cream soups, in particular), but I got free stuff this week and that has to count as the best deals. The Yakisoba noodles were free at Ingles with my $.50 off coupon doubled, and the deodorant and toothpaste were free samples that came in the mail. I'm wondering if between coupons and sales and free samples we might never have to pay for deodorant and toothpaste again!
P.S. I finally upgraded my blog look when I has some free time the other night. I changed up the layout (which I'm still working on) and added a pretty background and header from


Anonymous said...

Isn't that great? I got the deoderant too. Thank you for introducing me to these free sites.

Anonymous said...

I continue to be impressed with your resourcefulness and frugality.


Shaun and Anna said...

We are loving the free stuff and coupon finds here, too! :0) It's so exciting to get stuff so cheap! I love the new blog layout! :0)